Rocking Chair Pad Sets

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Rocking Chair Pad Sets

Rocking chairs have remained very popular furniture pieces for centuries. Different from a traditional chair, many folks find the motion of a rocking chair quite relaxing. It is common for some folks to place comfortable pads on the seat and the back of their rocking chairs. Over time even the best rocking chair pads will wear out but replacing your old rocking chair pads with new ones has never been easier.

Most rocking chair pads are made in the same way. An outer fabric cover is filled with stuffing material to form a pad. Over time, the stuffing material can compress to a point where the cushion is no longer comfortable. Perhaps your room decor has changed. Stains, dirt and plain old wear and tear can also bring most folks to replace their rocking chair pads. There was a time when folks would make their own replacement pads. In these modern times, many folks have neither the time nor the ability to make rocking chair pad sets.

Replacement rocking chair pad sets are available at many retail outlets though quality can vary widely. The size you need may not be available or the colors will not quite be what you were looking for. After visiting several local retail outlets and coming up empty handed, you turn to the internet. At Rocking Chair Pad Sets.Com, we offer a full line of quality, decorative replacement rocking chair pad sets.

When shopping on line for replacement rocking chair pad sets, there are some basic things to look for like balancing price and quality. Remember that price is not always an indicator of quality. And bargain replacement rocking chair pad sets may turn out not to be much of a bargain. The wide variety of fabrics, colors, sizes and prices available online sometimes can be overwhelming.

Introduced in the early 1900s micro fiber upholstery fabrics have become very popular. First introduced in Europe, microfiber fabrics are widely used the world over. Soft and easy to keep clean this tightly woven fabric is one of the most widely used fabrics for rocking chair replacement pads. Made from polyester or nylon fiber, microfiber fabrics have good wear properties and take colors very well.

Unlike other open weave fabrics, microfiber fabric does a much better job of repelling liquids making it less likely to stain. This property help to make microfiber a good choice for any type of upholstery especially chair and couch pads.

A variety of different materials are used as filler or stuffing for replacement rocking chair pad sets. Foam rubber is a common stuffing material for upholstered items though the use of foam alone has some drawbacks. Foam that is too light or put another way, not dense enough will not provide enough support over time. This is why foam is often combined with heavy cotton batting or polyester filler materials.

The quality of replacement rocking chair pad sets can also be seen in the stitching. Most chair pads need to be fastened in place and this is usually accomplished with cloth ties. Poorly stitched chair pads will often fail at the point where the cloth is sewn to the pad.

All upholstered products are required by law to have a content label sewn directly to the item. The content label will give you lots of valuable information about the replacement cushion. Always check to be sure that the replacement pads you plan to buy conform to the latest fire retardant standards.